The Henry Clay Camera, 1891-99
Henry Clay Regular- extended body, c.1896
Henry Clay Regular, 4x5 inch, c.1896
The Marlborough Camera, c.1898
Scovill's Henry Clay 2nd, c.1896-97
Bell's Straight Working Panorama Camera, c.1912
Blair Folding Hawk-Eye Cameras
No.3 Combination Hawk-Eye, c.1904
Bullard Folding Magazine Camera, Series B, c.1898
Century Grand Cameras, c.1901
Folding Montauk Style I, c.1899
The Gibbs Camera, 1888
Korona Special Presentation, 1903
No.4 Folding Kodak Cameras, 1890-97
No.4 Screen Focus Kodak, c.1907
Kozy Cameras, 1897 & 1898
Korona Hand Camera, 1895
Vest Pocket Monroe, c.1898
Alta Automatic, c.1898
Pocket Poco A, 1903
Pony Premo E, c.1898
Folding Premier Camera, 1892-97(?)
1890 No.4 Folding Kodak with matching s/n roll holder
The Rochester, 1892-93(?)
Snappa Camera, 1902
Sears Folding Plate Camera, late 1890s
Wilkin-Welsh Onondaga No.6 Reversible Back c.1900-01
American Self-Casing Camera, c.1899
The Blair 5x7 Special Folding Hawk-eye, c.1898
c.1899 Chase Folding Magazine Camera (pre-patent model)
E. & H.T. Anthony Ascot Cycle No.2, c.1899
Blair Combination Camera, 1882
Imperial No.30 Triple Extension Camera. 1901-02
Flat Folding Kodak. 1895.
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American Optical Co:
Henry Clay (Sliding Bed)
American Optical Co:
Henry Clay (Extended Body)
American Optical Co:
Henry Clay Regular
"The theory of photography can be learnt in an hour; the first ideas of how to go about it in a day....What can't be the feeling for light-the artistic appreciation of effects produced by different or combined sources; it's the understanding of this or that effect following the lines of the features which requires your artistic perception." - Nadar, 1857
Self Casing & Contained Cameras
Anthony (E. & H.T.):
Ascot Cycle No.2
Blair Camera Co:
Folding Hawk-Eye Cameras
Bullard Camera Co:
Folding Magazine Camera
Gibbs (William):
The Gibbs Camera
Kodak (Eastman):
No.4 Screen Focus Kodak
Milburn Camera Co:
Korona Hand Camera
Reichenbach, Morey & Will:
Alta Automatic
Rochester Optical Co:
Premier Folding Camera
Rochester Optical Co:
Snappa Camera
Unknown Builder:
Self-Casing Camera
Bell Camera Co:
Straight Working Panorama
Anthony (E. & H.T.):
Ascot Cycle No.1
Wilkin-Welsh Camera Co:
Onondaga No. 6 Rev Back
G. Gennert Co:
Folding Montauk, Style I
Blair Camera Co:
No.3 Combination Hawk-Eye
Kodak (Eastman):
No.4 Folding Kodaks
Kozy Camera Co:
Kozy Cameras
Pearsall (Frank):
Compact Camera
Rochester Optical Co:
Pony Premo E
Rochester Camera Mfg. Co:
The Rochester
Kozy Camera Co:
Chase Folding Magazine
American Optical Co:
Henry Clay 2d
Anthony (E. & H.T.):
Blair Camera Co:
5x7 Spec. Folding Hawk-eye
Century Camera Company:
Grand Cameras
Gundlach Optical Co:
Korona Spec. Presentation
Monroe Camera Co:
Vest Pocket Camera
Rochester Optical & Camera:
Pocket Poco A
Rochester Optical Co:
Reversible Back Premo
Sears Roebuck & Co:
Folding Plate Camera
Imperial Camera & Mfg. Co:
No. 30 Triple Extension Camera
Kodak (Eastman):
Flat Folding Kodak