Unknown American Field Camera (4.25 x 5.25). c.1890s
Anthony PDQ Leather Version 1890-91 (4 x 5 inch)
Blair Combination View. (1882)
Rob's Most Wanted List
I am always on the hunt for interesting early wood cameras. Also see Recent Acquisitions at the bottom of this page.
American Optical Company:

E. & H.T. Anthony:

Blair Tourograph Company:

Rochester Optical Company:

Other fine wood cameras:

Ephemera & Images:

Check back for posting of these cameras.
Henry Clay Jr

Centennial Camera

Knock-Down Camera

The American • the Midget Pocket Camera's detective case and tripod

American Boston Box dag, Roberts wet plate, solar, ambrotype and callotype (etc.)

Early catalogues • advertising-promotion cards • uncut multi-image tintypes • Pearsall

• American Optical / John Stock wet plate stereo (1860s)
• Unknown 4¼" x 5¼" American Field View Camera (amazing build with robust brass hardware)
• Anthony PDQ (leather covered version with original box)
• Blair Tourgraph & Dry Plate Co. Combination View with Plate-Extension back (4x5 to 5x8)
• Anthony Ascot No.1 (4x5)
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