No.5 Folding Kodak Stereo, 1893
John Stock stereo wetplate, late 1860s
E. & H.T. Anthony PDQ Box Camera. 1890
Blair Combination Camera, 1882
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1892 Combination Camera with Plate Extension by the Blair Tourograph and Dry Plate Co. It has been a year since I posted a new acquisition and fortunately I am still acquiring interesting cameras to share. This is a 4x5 inch rear focusing camera with its unusual plate extension back. The well made back upsizes the format to 5x8 inches.

Newly Acquired Cameras: Check my Most Wanted page to see "preview" pictures.

Rob's 21th Annual International Camera Shows - SPECIAL NOTE - PLEASE READ: I did not post 2020 and 2021 shows because many (not all) are canceled due to COVID-19. Show updates are coming in daily and I cannot keep up with the changes. In the meantime, I kept the 2019 show list posted with active links. Before committing to travel and attendance, I strongly suggest checking show websites links and contacting organizers for their latest information.

My intention is to update the show list for 2022!
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December 2019
No.5 Folding Kodak Stereo, 1893
March 2020
John Stock Stereo
Wetplate, late 1860s
November 2020
E. & H.T. Anthony P.D.Q. Box Camera
November 2021
Blair Combination Camera with Extension