ROC Midget Camera, 1890 - 97
American-Style Chamferred Daguerreotype. c.1850
No.4 Folding Kodak Cameras, 1890-97
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Scovill Manufacturing Co. 1885 unused Waterbury View Camera (4x5 inch format) This camera is 100% original with an undrilled factory marked lens board and matching serial numbers (#521). Taking into consideration this 130+ year old camera is in new condition with nicely aged patina and a couple of tiny dings here-and-there, it could be looked at as antique "New Old Stock" (NOS)!

Updated Picture of the 1890 No.4 Folding Kodak Camera The new picture shows the camera with its matching (serial number) roll holder.
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May 2017
Rochester Optical Co. Midget Camera
September 2017
American Chamfered Daguerreotype
December 2018
Scovill Waterbury View (unused)
December 2018
Updated Picture of 1890 No.4 Folding Kodak