Detail of focusing scale.
c.1898 Bullard Folding Magazine Camera, Series B
Detail of the scalloped front standard.
Bullard Magazine Camera shown opened with the rear
magazine back pulled out as part of the plate loading action.
The Bullard Company was founded in 1895 by Edgar R. Bullard and began operations at a time when the public became interested in less expensive roll film cameras. The Bullard Folding Magazine Camera offered an alternative to roll film cameras by allowing successive exposures to be made on 18 pre-loaded 4 x 5 dry plates. The push-pull action of the back would position a fresh plate for the next exposure. Refer to the Bullard Advertising Page for interesting observations about the camera.

First models, introduced in late 1896 or early 1897, were made in Wheeling, West Virginia. By late 1899, operations moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. Later cameras were lighter weight than the original. During 1901, E & H.T. Anthony represented the Bullard Company as special agents for its dry plate cameras.
The Bullard Folding Magazine Camera is unusual because it is a combination drop plate and folding-bellows camera. The camera is scarce, and when found, is usually in bad shape. A "pull/push" action on the rear magazine changes plates.

Each time a plate is changed, a brass counter on top of the camera body advances. The leather strap on the plate magazine is rarely found because it is usually torn off when pulling out the magazine. One example of the Bullard Magazine Camera was found with a drawer-pull bolted onto the magazine as a substitute for the rear leather strap. This particular camera was found with 12 of the 18 original glass plates and sheaths and the rear leather strap.
Bullard Folding Magazine Camera, Series B, c.1898
Bullard Camera Company, Springfield, Mass.
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The Bullard camera shown here sold for $10 in 1898, or about $205 in year 2000 currency.
Left: Detail of the older lensboard style. Shutter is marked "Bullard Unique".

Right: In addition to the traditional ivory focusing scale, the Bullard has a second scale for use as a quick focusing reference.