Peck style 9-tube 'gem' wetplate Camera, 1860s
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The c1860s 9-tube lens set shown mounted on the Carte de Visite Wet Plate Camera (which can be set up for 1 to 4-lenses) is a rare find. The camera body is notched for septums and masks that can accommodate 4 or 9-lens outfits.

This Gem set is comprised of nine matched Darlot No.2 lens "tubes" (petzval design) mounted on a brass plate.

Note: When more than 4 images are layed up on a single plate, the term "gem" is used. However, there is no standard size associated with "gem" images

The wood shadow box has a Scovill Manufacturing Co, NY label. Note: The Scovill Manufacturing name was in use from 1849 - 1889.
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9-tube "Gem" Wet Plate Camera, 1860s
Unknown American Maker (possibly Samuel Peck)
1860s Scovill (possibly Peck) style wet-
plate camera with nine Darlot No.2 lenses.