Scovill Waterbury View Camera (5x8 inch), c.1888
Scovill Waterbury View Camera (4x5 inch), c.1885
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The Scovill Waterbury View is a classic representation of the American tailboard pattern.

The 1885-86 example (left) is 100% original with an undrilled factory marked lens board and matching serial numbers (#521). Taking into consideration this 130+ year old camera is in new condition with nicely aged patina and a couple of tiny dings here-and-there, it could be looked at as antique "New Old Stock" (NOS).

What is interesting is these were typically sold as complete kits including a mounted lens, tripod, etc. So the chances of something like this surviving is very rare. Complete outfits were offered for $12.00 (about $332 adjusted for 2017).

The example below (s/n 513) is a 5 x 8 inch format model constructed of mahogany rather than the better known golden oak finish. It was also notched by the factory to accept an inner septum for stereo work. This particular camera was included in researching cameras made by Franklin Putnam. A comparison with the Marvel Camera can be seen on the Putnam Marvel webpage.
Waterbury View Cameras, 1885-86
Scovill Manufacturing Company, NY.
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