Patent Novelette Camera, 1886 - 1894
Novelette set up in landscape orientation.
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E & H.T. Anthony often exhibited a flare for innovative camera designs. Although not historically interesting, I like the Patent Novelette because it is one of Anthony's "funkier" designs.

Offered from 1886 to 1894, it is a brass trimmed mahogany view camera made in standard sizes from 4x5 to 11x14.

But it is the brass frame supported stereoscopic "round-face" feature that sets Novelette cameras apart from the others.

The round-face model was offered as a stereoscopic camera; however, the standard "square face" version could also be adapted for stereo work.

This particular camera is a double-swing, 5x8 inch model with a Darlot WA Hemispherique lens.

The round face Novelette sold for $23 in 1891, or the equivalent of $436 in 2000.
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The Novelette also incorporates the same rotating back and bellows feature found on Anthony's Phantom Camera.

The 5x8 camera was also unique because the long bed was designed to accept a larger 8x10 rear standard.

Right: Anthony Novelette camera with the back positioned in the landscape orientation.
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Patent Novelette Camera, 1886 - 1894
E. & H.T. Anthony & Company, NY.