The Clifton Camera, c.1898 - 1906
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The Clifton Camera is one of Anthony's later field view models made in six sizes from 5 x 7" to 14 x 17". Although more conservatively designed in comparison to earlier Anthony models, the Clifton Camera is compact, lightweight and a surprisingly versatile, fully matured field camera. By 1906, a "Long Focus" model was offered.

Features include a reversing back, double-swing front and rear standards, and front or rear focusing. Unlocking the lensboard for tilting is done by squeezing a pair of brass knobs built into the front standard.

The 5x8" model shown here is made of finely polished mahogany and cherry woods, brass fittings and red leather bellows. A Fowler & Slater "The Special" rapid rectilinear lens is mounted.

In 1903, this camera sold for $17 (approximately $325 in year 2000 currency).
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The Clifton Camera, c.1898 - 1906
E. & H.T. Anthony & Company, NY.